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Ultimate Password Manager

Password Sentinel is a fresh reliable solution developed for secure password storage, a personal assistant to organize that huge quantity of information you don’t like but so much need. It is light software whose purpose is to manage and keep safe passwords, access codes, important dates, figures, numbers, etc.

Forget all about memorizing huge amounts of data or hiding pieces of paper with personal information in places you have to remember! Stop worrying that someone might stumble upon your most important passwords!

Password Sentinel stores your passwords in a highly encrypted local database which consists of only one file, thus allowing easy transfer from one computer to another.

Let Password Sentinel manage your access codes – have one less concern!

The best way to secure your data whether we’re talking corporate or individual use!

This is the most reliable solution to store and protect personal data whether files, comments, custom fields, URLs or other (by creating data backup). Due to a plain but not poor, user-friendly interface any of the administration processes is maximally simplified. And you will definitely like this – it needs no installation!

If you wonder whether to trust your company’s passwords to this program, well…don’t. Password Sentinel is extremely strong and effective and provides a proficient password generator which guarantees unique and complex passwords each time you use it.

Through Password Sentinel you can have an unlimited number of entries and a clever sorting of the files. It allows you to sort the passwords either by function (email, ftp) or by server, etc. The program is able to both export the database to various formats such as TXT, XML, CSV and import data from different other formats like TXT files, CSV files etc.

Although small sized, Password Sentinel is a flexible application which presents no difficulty in using even to novice users – it also offers easy copy the username / passwords into Windows clipboard to increase the convenience.

One of the most appealing features of the program is Security-enhanced password edit controls: Password Sentinel sets itself apart from other such applications by providing security-enhanced password edit controls. As tested, controls used in Password Sentinel are not vulnerable to any of the current available password edit control spies. The program does not allow the passwords managed with those controls to be visible even in the process memory of Password Sentinel.

The best is yet to follow – this is a FREE application (distributed under the GPL license) to which you have full access in terms of source code!

Password Sentinel is a Windows application developed with Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC classes.
No .NET framework is required, nor any other special DLLs.
It’s designed to run on all Windows operating systems.

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