Take a look at the main features included in Password Sentinel.

  • Highly encrypted databases

Password Sentinel uses the two most secured ciphers to encrypt the password databases, Advanced Encryptation Standard and Twofish. Moreover, the whole database is encrypted, including along the passwords, your usernames, notes, comments, etc.

  • Portability

Due to no installation required, Password Sentinel doesn’t create new registry keys or any INI files in your Windows system. Thus, is fully portable and allows you to copy the application onto a jump drive (USB drive, Memory Stick, SD card, etc.) and run the application from that location on any Windows running machine.

  • Exporting & Importing

Password Sentinel is able to export the password list to multiple formats like TXT, HTML, XML and CSV an, also, import from various file formats such as CSV, CodeWallet(Pro) TXT and Password Safe v2 TXT files.

  • Auto-Type & Global Auto-Type Hot Key

Password Sentinel can automatically type the information of the selected entry into login/sign in fields, website forms, etc. Also, Password Sentinel while running in the background allows you to use global auto-type hot key. When you press the hot key the application looks up for the valid entry and performs its auto-type sequence.

  • Stong Random Password Generator

You only need to choose the output requirements – type and length of the characters – for the generator and strong random passwords are generated for you by Password Sentinel.

  • User friendly & Secure Windows Clipboard Managing

Double-click on any field of the password list to copy transfer its value to the Clipboard memory. Password Sentinel also supports Timed Clipboard Clearing automatically clears the clipboard after a certain time you’ve copied one of your passwords into it if you haven’t use it. One Time Paste feature allows only one paste action, after the paste operation Password Sentinel automatically will clear the clipboard .

  • Support of Password Groups

Password groups can be easily created, modified or deleted. Any group can have subgroups, any subgroup can have subgroups as well, and so on.

  • Easy Database Transfer

The passwords are stored in a single database file therefore making easy the transfer from one computer to another.

  • Support of Master Password and Key-disks

The master password will access the entire database. Another option is to use key files which offer better security than master passwords for most of cases. You only have to port the key file on a movable media such a jump drive, USB memory, or burned CD.

  • Searching and sorting

Password Sentinel includes a fast search component that will look for keywords thru the entire database. Also you may sort a password group by one click on any of the column headers in the password list.

  • Low memory requirement

Due to its small size Password Sentinel uses minimal resourses of your machine.

  • Time fields and entry attachment support

Password Sentinel records creation time, last modification time, last access time and expiration time of the fields. Also, you are able to attach files to password entries .

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